My Work History

My name is Max Miguta and I have built this website to inform any potential employers or clients of my key skills and competencies as well as my work history and thus to act as an extension of my CV. In order to stay relevant the employment history does not go back more than about 10 years.

Scotia UK plc

It has been a long road from when I first arrived at Scotia UK as a graduate to where I am today in terms of the wealth of design and business knowledge and experience. Although a great deal of my focus has been on the creative side of delivering marketing solutions, over the years spent at the company I had the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge of the structure and management of a business. Therefore I believe my business acumen and analytical skills add real value to my design abilities.

Marketing Assistant
Web Designer
Executive Assistant
H&S Coordinator

Mapix Technologies

In the beginning of 2017 I held a temporary position at Mapix, a company that is in many ways similar to Scotia UK, so I found it easy to integrate. Mapix is a small company specialising in geospatial engineering and is a distributor for a number of third party LIDAR products (allowing for 3D mapping) designed for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

My main role was Sales Administrator and I had the following duties:

  • Providing the first line of support for all initial sales enquiries, primarily via email, and passing on information to appropriate sales colleagues when necessary
  • Entry of new leads, contacts and suppliers into the CRM database and continual updating of the system throughout the various stages of sales process
  • Creation of quotes for new and existing customers, preparing items for shipment to customers and other general administrative tasks

Capita plc

In the middle of 2017 I joined an Insurance Services division at Capita on a three month contract. The company is a large provider of business process outsourcing in the UK. During my time there I was part of a project team working on a specific case for a client - a large insurance company.

My position was Data Gatherer and it involved preparing case files with complete and relevant information for thousands of customers serviced by Capita's client. The insurance company granted access to specific in-house databases containing all their customer records and the team had to retrieve certain information for selected customers and record it on spreadsheets.